Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Under Eye Dark Circle DRAMA!

I was in a very popular beauty store today and met a make up artist.

I asked if she had anything for dark under eye circles.

She looked very annoyed and said "Let me see," as she looked at my face.

She grabbed some products and began applying them.

At first she dabbed some cream on a sponge and proceeded to tap it under my eyes, then she kept tapping, getting the product in my eyes.

I didn't say a word.

She's a make up artist.

Surely she knows what he's doing.

And hello, suffering for beauty is the essence of being a Primp Queen. That's what I DO!

Then she goes like this,

"You have to tap it. Tap,tap, tap, tap it!

As she was tapping, she said "Eww, why are you're eyes like, watery and red?

And I said, "I'm not sure, but do you think it could be from you stabbing me with that sponge? You know, directly in my eyeball?"

All the while I was suffering, suffering in silence, like the saints, I thought, maybe I'll look like Gisele Bunschen when she's done with me.

I don't know...I mean,certainly, with all this pain, it has to be worth it, right?

Then she goes "Ok, how do you like it?"

I checked the mirror.

My eyes were swollen and blood shot.

I wiped away the tears and looked right at her and said,

"I think I look really good."

Then, always and forever being the optimist who believes good things can happen from tragedy, a very nice gal came up to me and said,
"I know just what you need."

I was hoping for a Bounty paper towel to blot my face, but instead she showed me the Kat Von D collection.

Who, by the way has a killer lipstick. FYI.

"But that's heavy duty concealer for tatoos," I said.

And she goes "Exactly!"


If it's good enough to cover Kat's tats, it's good enough for my dark circles!

So, that's my new obsession. I love it and I recommend it!

And it's painless. You just put a tiny bit on your ring finger and gently apply.

No tears, no stabbing, no redness or irritation.

And it stays put, even in this heat.

Here you go, Kittens


  1. Noted. Fyi ordered the vegetarian curry dish at dinner last night and thought of you. I have got to drop 10 lbs asap. I'm turning into a fatty McPatty out here and I hacked off all my hair to get it even from all the bad $200 hair cuts I've had out here. Bad hair+fat+pastey white skin=midwestern house wife.

  2. Hi Steph!
    You are NOT Fatty McPatty! Please. Get back out here so we can stage your come back and get you feeling amazing. I love you and you are beautiful. Like the Christina Aguilera song.