Friday, August 30, 2013

New Makeup!

Yesterday I was so excited and had my heart set on 2 new products...a lip gloss and a blush.

So I went to one of my beauty stores and saw all my peeps.

I told them what I was going to get and three of them surrounded me like I was a crazed lunatic and said "You don't want that" and they guided me to a different brand of blush.

"That one will make you break out, do you want to break out?!" They said to me. Loudly.

"No...I don't."

And they told me "You want Tarte," and I said "I do?" And they all said "Yes!" So I picked a color in Tarte and they just shook their heads at me.

"Ok! Tell me what color!!" I said.

I ended up getting Glisten. It's a very pretty pink color and the pigment is amazing. It keeps true all day long.

Then I thanked them and picked a certain brand of lipgloss.

Lots of harsh looks and head shaking on that end of the table again.

"You don't want that brand," they all said.

It was like I had my own personal beauty fairies!

They told me what I wanted, which turned out to be excactly what I wanted!

Dior Lip Maximizer. It's a shiny gloss, almost clear, a tiny bit pink, but it plumps your lips without the burning or stinging.

"I'm obsessed with lip products," I said to them dead seriously.

And they all go "WE KNOW!!"


Oh! Also, this is, I am sure, completely unacceptable, but I did buy a mascara.

I try different ones and I believe I will try every single mascara ever made, because...well, I'm a Primp Queen!

Ok, brace yourself.

This is not easy for me. I had no guidance whatsover, I strictly bought this because the packaging promised me the moon, the stars and everything in between and that all of my wildest dreams would come true.

Loreal Voluminous Extra Collagen.

I know.

I know.

BUT I love it! I put several coats on and it really makes my eyes pop.

Speaking of trying new beauty products. Every now and then, just for my own amusement, I try something and ask Lil Angel Baby what he thinks.

I tried a BB cream, you know, one of the fancy ones. It was $48.00.

I put it on and asked him, "How does my new make up look?"

And he goes " looks like you don't have any make up on and also your face is super shiny."

And then he goes "Right?"

I thanked him.

I asked. He answered. That's fair. 

Didn't save the reciept so guess what's at the bottom of my caboodle!

I told one of my beauty advisors and they were horrified.

"Why didn't you ask us first!?"

Lesson learned.

However, a few days ago, I was talked into wearing a very dark red lipstick.

All of my advisors gave me kudos and told me how great it looked.

I got home and I am not kidding you. This is what Lil Angel Baby say's to me.

He goes "What happened to your lips?"

Ha ha! I was like "Nothing HAPPENED to my lips, it's just a different shade of lipstick."

That was so funny.

A red lipstick instead of my usual pink and suddenly something was terribly WRONG!

What makes this whole thing a mystery is when I had my Juvederm injections and had a few bruises, lot's of swelling and a very slight speech impedement, he didn't notice.

I'm not gonna say anything if he doesn't. A good rule to go by. Hee hee!

 Anyway, enjoying my new products.

Have a fantastic day!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Almost Failed Typing Class

I haven't been able to blog on my laptop for several postings and I never thought I'd say this, but I miss typing with all 10 fingers!

That's why my postings have been short and sweet. All were typed with my thumbs on my phone!

Anyway, this brings me back to freshman year in highschool.

Parent-Teacher conferences were taking place. My Mom showed up and had the following interaction with Mrs. Eichman, my typing teacher.

This blog is sure to make me look very old, as some of you are like "Typing Class?"

Yes, we actually had to take a class to teach us how to type.

"How's this ever going to help me in life?" We all thought and some of us said out loud.

Mrs. Eichman hated me for the following reasons:

I goofed off in her class and didn't take it seriously.

It wasn't all my fault though. My best friend Jenny was also in my class and we found it impossible to get through without giggling and passing notes.

Anyway, at Parent-Teacher conference, my Mom say's to Mrs. Eichman, "What do you mean she's getting a "D" in typing?"

And Mrs. Eichman say's "She doesn't take the class seriously and she is always making jokes, often at my expense."

Then my Mom goes "Only an IDIOT get's a "D" in typing."

I just sat there watching this "tennis match" of a conference.

Mrs. Eichman then said "Well, that's the grade she earned and that's the grade she's given."

Then, right when I thought Mrs. Eichman had won, my mother leans in and say's in a very low tone "I think we both know what needs to happen why don't you take your little eraser on your little pencil and change that "D" to a "C."

Mrs. Eichman kept her eyes locked on my mother's eyes and angrily changed the grade!!

"Thanks, Mom..." I started to say.

"Be quiet," My mom said without taking her eyes off of Mrs. Eichman.

Looking back I actually feel kind of sorry for Mrs. Eichman for having to put up with me.

One day, Jenny and I were in typing class and we were quietly talking across the room.

We have a gift for reading each other's lips, which came in handy.

"I don't feel good," I mouthed to her.

Jenny goes "Neither do I..."

And I said "Really, you don't? Because I seriously think I need to go to the nurse."

And Jenny said "Seriously, I think I do, too."

What were the chances?

Right as we both decided that we were simply too ill to go on with Typing Class, we both got up at the same time and appeared at Mrs. Eichman's desk.

"We're both sick," I said, unapologetically.

"GO SIT DOWN," Mrs. Eichman said with absolute venom in her voice.

This made Jenny and I laugh really hard, despite our illness.

"No, seriously, Mrs. Eichman, we both don't feel good today, and we both need to go to the nurse."

She looked at Jenny and said "You can go," and then glared at me and said "Take your seat NOW!"

I said "Mrs. Eichman, I assure you I am just as sick, if not sicker than Jenny."

She let me go, I think, just from sheer loss of will to control me.

I often wonder how Mrs. Eichman is doing these days....poor thing. But I will say she was right...typing is one handy skill!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Question for You...Beauty Products know you'll be stranded a while on an island or in the jungle or someplace where there are no cosmetic health and beauty stores or spa's...I know...shudder!

But what 4 products would you bring?
I really want to hear from you!
Dont leave a primp queen hanging.

But it's just until Joe Teti rescues don't panic.

Excellent Hair Oil

I love this hair oil.  I tried many different oils but see the best results wth this one.

Bamboo Kendi Oil Mist.

Tess, one of my favorite stylists, turned me on to this. Thanks Tess!

As you can see the bottle is almost empty. I wanted to see if I really liked it before blogging about it.

The other day someone told me my hair looked really good because it was poker straight and I hadn't even used my straightening iron.

It's in a spray bottle, so it goes on evenly. It doesn't make your hair look oily or greasy, just silky. Also it smells really good!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Gorgeous Skin is Yours

This is my favorite regimen for youthful and hydrated skin.

You'll look and feel like you went to a very expensive spa!

All products by Murad.

I do my face, neck and decollete, three times per week.

Start with cleansed skin...whatever your fave cleanser is.

Intensive Resurfacing Peel. Leave on for 10 minutes, rinse and pat dry. This product is very anti aging, exfoliating and makes your skin glow.

Age diffusing friming mask. 10 minutes, rinse, pat dry. This one is lifting, firming and hydrating.

Rapid collagen infusion. Leave on. This serum plumps your collagen and hydrates, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating toner. Spray on. Pure hydration and balances impurities.

Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum. Like a big drink of water for your skin and takes down redness.

Your skin will be exfoliated, hydrated and beautiful!

Then why not make yourself a fruit smoothie for internal hydration.

Today I had banana, pineapple, blueberries and flax seeds.  I just added water. I make it ice cold because it's super hot here and this is very refreshing. So good!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Seasonal Produce and Daily Puppy!

Not sure if you saw I added the Daily Puppy to my blog. It's a great way to bring a smile to your face each day...looking at a precious puppy. If you're like me you love all animals, especially pups.

And for your pleasure, I also added a convenient chart of seasonal produce...if you're in the US, just select your state and it tells you what's in season.


Food Today in Veganville!

I had half an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast. Lunch was a peach, fresh green beans, carrots and a few almonds. Dinner was Amy's No Cheese pizza. my fave!

 I really try to do raw food all day like my friend Brian but it's kind of hard!

Zippy keeps strategically placing protein bars throughout my house.  He's concerned I'm not eating enough. I laughed so hard I snorted! Nobody's ever said that to me.

I was like oh I eat...don't you worry!

Zippy is my Father In Law.

Hope you are having a wonderful day, All!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Get Rid of Blackheads and Shrink Your Pores

Wow...ok, if you want to get your skin super clean and make your pores look you go:

1. Cleanse with Murad cleanser of choice. I love the Clarifying Cleanser.

2. Use the new Murad Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo: put the mask on affected area. Wait 10 minutes. Get fingers wet and massage for a few seconds. Rinse.

3. Apply the second step of the Duo...Pore Refining Sealer...thin layer.

4. In evening apply the Murad Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator.

5. In the morning after cleansing apply another thin layer of Pore Refining Serum.

6. Apply Murad Oil Control Mattifier.

I don't have blacheads but like death and taxes, enlarged pores are inevitable for all of us.

I noticed a huge difference after one usage of the Duo and each time I see an improvement. My clients have been complimenting me on my skin lately too, asking me what I've been doing.

Try this and let me know!

I hope your day is amazing and wonderful!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Best Dark Circle Products Yet

Alright...I believe I have the solutions now!

You know your products are working by the comments you get from others.

I have been using certain products lately and people say "But you don't have dark circles."


Ok so my first product is Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream. This product is going to lighten your environmentally induced dark circles under your eyes in 15 minutes.  It also works over time as you use it.

For my little insomniacs out there...this will get rid of those unsightly bags, too.

I love it!

However, I have gentetic dark under eye circles so I have to cover them.

I've tried many cosmetics for this that work pretty well, but half way through the day the problem comes back.

What's solved my issue?

Murad Acne Concealer stick.

The product is meant to conceal and treat acne however I found out that some makeup artists in Hollywood voted it best under eye concealer.

You might be thinking it will dry your skin under your eyes but it truly doesn't. Your dark circles will be hidden all day and that delicate skin will be smooth and hydrated.

I've been using it for a few weeks and it's my number one choice!

They come in light, medium and dark. I use medium as it blends with my natural skin tone.

If you have breakouts, it's fantastic for covering them up and treating them at the same time.

Guys can use it too because it doesn't look like makeup.

Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

Perfect Eyebrows

Everyone...please welcome Cassandra to The Maintenance Team!

I have made a very serious decision to go to a professional to have my brows done.

I have done this many times but never have I made a serious commitment to do it every month.

Cassandra did such a good job that I don't even need to put brow liner or gel or anything else on!

She tweezes, waxes, combs, brushes and trims them.

I really love the fact that in getting this done it cuts my morning prep time down to six minutes. I don't like spending too much time applying makeup. Never have.'re thinking...six minutes?? That includes everything from cleansing, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, under eye concealer, a fairy dusting of Jane Iredale pressed powder, eye shadow (Urban Decay Naked), eye liner, mascara....lipstick is done in the!

Speaking of lipstick, I went to Mac to get my favorite lipstick's called "Snob" and the gal said "Do you want the lip liner that goes with it?" and I was like "yaaaaaaa!"  I treated myself.

The liner is called Hip and's very pretty!

Weight Loss on New Plan

Even though this is not a weight loss blog, I just had to update you. In one week of doing my friend's food plan I lost 6 pounds.

I promised myself I wouldn't do any diet I can't live on permanently so that's why I'm so excited about this.

Basic plan: fresh fruit, vegetables and some nuts during the day and one vegan meal at dinner time.

I also get myself up in the morning and work out for about 45 minutes. Six days a week.

Example: bananas, pineapple, baby carrots and nuts for snacks all day. Oh and I drink lot's of water. If you do this just pick whatever you like or what's in season. Mix it up!

Then for dinner a vegan burrito or some pasta with sauce made with tons of vegetables. I usually only just have a small portion.

For my workouts I run for one or 2 miles and then do The of their dvds....they are so awesome because you see results but they're not so hard that I can't do them! Being the delicate flower that I am. Hee hee!

I hope you find this helpful. The other day one of my clients goes "Hey! Where did your butt go! It's so small!" and I said "Thanks and I think it's higher up, too." and glanced over my shoulder at it.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Food and Workout Today on New Plan

Bananas, grapes, tomatoes and half cup of nuts with a spoonful of dark chocolate chips. yummy! I always bring 2 bananas but just eat one. I like to have an emergency back up banana for security purposes. Haha!
I also worked out this morning...ran one mile then did The Firm Bikini Blast. After that I went swimming for a few laps.
I hope you have a wonderful day! And thanks Brian for the useful tips!