Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arthur - Smiling for the Camera

Say hello to this handsome gentleman!

Forty pounds of awsomeness. He loves fruits and vegetables, especially watermelon, broccoli, sweet potatoes and pineapple.

He has a huge sweet tooth and would live on fruit if we let him.

But, the vet said to make sure he gets protein, so he's not a vegan.

He adores ravioli, well, actually any stuffed pasta is devoured in minutes.

If you give him something he doesn't like, he gets an attitude.

We once gave him tomatoes and he spit it out, then walked in it and turned himself over in a fit of rage!

Arthur is a sensitve soul, and he's very loved.

Craig rescued him...It was a rainy day in SC and Arthur was on the freeway.

Craig got out of his car, stopped traffic both ways, grabbed Arthur and he's been a member of the family going on 10 years!

(We did check to see if he was someone's missing pet, and couldn't find anyone to claim him, by the way)

Arthur is rather spoiled. He has a climate controlled habitat, a house specially suited for him with a special lamp set on an auto-control so as soon as it gets below 71 degrees, the heater goes on.

And he has a misting system to keep him cool in summer. So it's always perfect for him. We take him to the vet for check ups regularly and he gets moisturized with Turtle Wax!

We love him. :)

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