Sunday, June 16, 2013

Didn't Eat It...Just Flirted With It

It was my own fault. I didn't bring nearly enough food with me for the day. I didn't factor in that I'd be working many hours longer than usual.

Having said that, here's my saga! 

It was dinner time and I needed to stop for food. I went to a drive through. I don't want to say the name of the place because I try to be a positive ray of sunshine who's favorite word is yes and see's all the good in the world. :) 

Lil Angel Baby was hungry too, so I called him asking what he'd like.

Steak, chicken and shrimp with rice. Done. Ok.

I ordered steamed vegetables and chow mein for myself.

The girl at the drive through goes "Blah blah blah?"

And I said "I just want vegetables and chow mein, no meat or anything else."

Well, that is extremely difficult, almost impossible for them to do, I came to find out.

It's the most outlandish, craziest thing she ever heard in all her life.

But this gal was also a positive ray of sunshine and not only did she say yes, but she said something about saving me some money and I thought how sweet.

She hands me an enormous bag of food and I was so excited because I was starved due to my poor planning.

I opened it up and it was the world's tiniest container of steamed vegetables and chow mein I'd ever seen.

I placed the tiny box in the palm of my hand and thought to myself, 

"Barbie would find this to be the perfectly sized meal."

Yes Barbie as in the toy doll.

Confession: the other box, which I figured out quickly was the reason it weighed a good 8 pounds, had steak, shrimp and chicken all sauced up and ready to be eaten.

I did not eat the meat, however I flirted with it.

"Well, hello there, what's your name, handsome?" I said to the chicken.

And then looked at the steak and said "You look really good."

The food didn't talk back, but I glanced up and spotted a Trader Joe's just in time. My favorite food store!!

I went in and got Kale Chips.

These were so good! Have you tried them?

They're salty, savory and crunchy....flavored with cashews and delicious spices.

This was the perfect snack.

Forever and always up for a learning opportunity, I made an inner vow to really, really, really pay attention to planning ahead and being more diligent so I don't end up in this situation again.

Have a fantastic day! And go get yourself some kale chips. :)

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