Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maybe She's Born With It...Maybe it's Lip Injections

People always look surprised when it comes up in conversation that I get my lips injected.

"But, they look so real..." They say.

Well, that's how they should look. A girl shouldn't walk around with Trout Pout.

I worked in a Dermatologists office years ago and as a perk, I could get any injections I wanted for free.

My friend and associate, Bunny, who I nicknamed because she looks like a Playboy Bunny and is as sweet as she is beautiful, insisted that I get my lips done.

"You have to do it! You have to!" She cheered.

I was so nervous.

And my husband was like "$400 for lip injections!? It's your money, but sheesh, you could get something so much better, like clothes or something else you like. I mean for $400 you could get a Michael Kors purse."

"First of all," I said "Might I compliment you on your knowledge of luxury handbags. Well done. However it's not called a purse, it's a Michael Kors Handbag and the one I want is $500, but that's a discussion for another time."

"And second, let me tell you what it's like to get my lips done. It's like my birthday and Christmas and Disneyland all in one."

That helped him put it in perspective. ;)

Ok, so...

Here's how it goes. For those of you considering having this done.

First they put a cream on your mouth.

This numbs you so you don't feel the needle with the actual "big gun" numbing agent they inject into your gums.

Then, they do the actual injections.

I had Restalane done once and Juvederm the other two times.

The results were equally as good. Here are the links if you want more info.

I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life.

My friend Vonny asked me, "Does it hurt?"

And I said "Like a MOTHER!"

So, why go through this pain?

As we age, we lose the filler substances in our skin, which makes us look older. Our lips get thinner and our skin starts to sag. This makes us look old.

The injected fluid plumps your lips back up to create a youthful look.

If you get them done correctly, they should look natural and sexy.

If done incorrectly, it looks really bad. Especially from the side view. You don't want people looking at you and going "Oh she had her lips done and she looks weird."

After I had mine done, they were numb for a few hours and the next day I flew to NY and taught an 8 hour class to dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

I interrupted my own class and said "Please raise your hand if you can tell I had a procedure done on my face yesterday."

Not one of them could tell.

That's how it should be. You don't want your lips walking into the room before you do.

I recommend this to anyone who feels like they want some lip plumping.

I don't like the plumping lipsticks and glosses. First of all they sting and burn. And they don't seem to last.

I would rather go through real pain of needles and look exactly how I want, rather than use a product that stings and then wears off, and hardly does anything.

In the following days I felt so beautiful and it was just what I needed.

It's kind of like wearing really pretty bra's and panties under your suit.

No one knows, but YOU do and you feel really good about it. Right girls, am I right?

The other day I was working with one of my clients and everyone kept raving over her lip gloss. She had just had her lips injected in the weeks prior.

They looked gorgeous. So plump and juicy.

It was funny because she whispered to me "All I have on is clear lipgloss. It's not the gloss they're noticing, it's the injections." And I was like "TRUE!!"

All I know is after I had my lips done the first time, I went to Subway for lunch, the Sandwhich Artist offered me a free cookie and later the UPS guy walked into a wall when he saw me.


I don't think so.


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