Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dry Brushing

I keep hearing about dry brushing the skin and I couldn't understand what the big deal is.

Also, I wondered what difference does it makes if you dry brush or just exfoliate with a loofah in the shower....so, I tried it.

Amazing results! But also kind of gross.

I bought a loofah for $4 at Ulta, a flat one that you can put on your hand, and I gently buffed away. If you try this, don't brush too hard. It'll irritate your skin and make it red. The last thing you want is an impaired barrier function!

Then, I jumped in the shower and here's what is so disgusting...all the water in the drain was this very dirty brown color, I KNOW!

I towel dried, applied coconut oil (Trader Joes $5), and another moisturizer on top to occlude.

My skin feels glorious!

I didn't expect miracles, being an aesthetician, we're always skeptical of any skin beauty product or ritual. But try this...so good!

Word on the street: the claim is that dry brushing is good for loosening dead skin cells, moves your lypmph fluid, wakes up your immune system and improves circulation. It makes your skin feel very soft and velvety.

OH! And I had to travel this week, which usually dries my skin out horribly, and it stayed silky smooth for 2 days without applying any body lotions or moisturizers.

I'm going to continue this daily. :)

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