Friday, August 30, 2013

New Makeup!

Yesterday I was so excited and had my heart set on 2 new products...a lip gloss and a blush.

So I went to one of my beauty stores and saw all my peeps.

I told them what I was going to get and three of them surrounded me like I was a crazed lunatic and said "You don't want that" and they guided me to a different brand of blush.

"That one will make you break out, do you want to break out?!" They said to me. Loudly.

"No...I don't."

And they told me "You want Tarte," and I said "I do?" And they all said "Yes!" So I picked a color in Tarte and they just shook their heads at me.

"Ok! Tell me what color!!" I said.

I ended up getting Glisten. It's a very pretty pink color and the pigment is amazing. It keeps true all day long.

Then I thanked them and picked a certain brand of lipgloss.

Lots of harsh looks and head shaking on that end of the table again.

"You don't want that brand," they all said.

It was like I had my own personal beauty fairies!

They told me what I wanted, which turned out to be excactly what I wanted!

Dior Lip Maximizer. It's a shiny gloss, almost clear, a tiny bit pink, but it plumps your lips without the burning or stinging.

"I'm obsessed with lip products," I said to them dead seriously.

And they all go "WE KNOW!!"


Oh! Also, this is, I am sure, completely unacceptable, but I did buy a mascara.

I try different ones and I believe I will try every single mascara ever made, because...well, I'm a Primp Queen!

Ok, brace yourself.

This is not easy for me. I had no guidance whatsover, I strictly bought this because the packaging promised me the moon, the stars and everything in between and that all of my wildest dreams would come true.

Loreal Voluminous Extra Collagen.

I know.

I know.

BUT I love it! I put several coats on and it really makes my eyes pop.

Speaking of trying new beauty products. Every now and then, just for my own amusement, I try something and ask Lil Angel Baby what he thinks.

I tried a BB cream, you know, one of the fancy ones. It was $48.00.

I put it on and asked him, "How does my new make up look?"

And he goes " looks like you don't have any make up on and also your face is super shiny."

And then he goes "Right?"

I thanked him.

I asked. He answered. That's fair. 

Didn't save the reciept so guess what's at the bottom of my caboodle!

I told one of my beauty advisors and they were horrified.

"Why didn't you ask us first!?"

Lesson learned.

However, a few days ago, I was talked into wearing a very dark red lipstick.

All of my advisors gave me kudos and told me how great it looked.

I got home and I am not kidding you. This is what Lil Angel Baby say's to me.

He goes "What happened to your lips?"

Ha ha! I was like "Nothing HAPPENED to my lips, it's just a different shade of lipstick."

That was so funny.

A red lipstick instead of my usual pink and suddenly something was terribly WRONG!

What makes this whole thing a mystery is when I had my Juvederm injections and had a few bruises, lot's of swelling and a very slight speech impedement, he didn't notice.

I'm not gonna say anything if he doesn't. A good rule to go by. Hee hee!

 Anyway, enjoying my new products.

Have a fantastic day!!

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