Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Get Rid of Blackheads and Shrink Your Pores

Wow...ok, if you want to get your skin super clean and make your pores look you go:

1. Cleanse with Murad cleanser of choice. I love the Clarifying Cleanser.

2. Use the new Murad Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo: put the mask on affected area. Wait 10 minutes. Get fingers wet and massage for a few seconds. Rinse.

3. Apply the second step of the Duo...Pore Refining Sealer...thin layer.

4. In evening apply the Murad Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator.

5. In the morning after cleansing apply another thin layer of Pore Refining Serum.

6. Apply Murad Oil Control Mattifier.

I don't have blacheads but like death and taxes, enlarged pores are inevitable for all of us.

I noticed a huge difference after one usage of the Duo and each time I see an improvement. My clients have been complimenting me on my skin lately too, asking me what I've been doing.

Try this and let me know!

I hope your day is amazing and wonderful!

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  1. Hi!!!!
    I absolutely love your blog!!! I don't know if you remember me, but I met you a few months ago at Ulta Beauty in Tucson AZ. I was working in Prestige and I kind of "shadowed you" for a bit and learned quite a bit about Murad.
    Anyhow you left before I was able to get your card but I did remember you mentioning this blog so I looked you up.
    Here is my email, please keep in touch
    I will be letting you know about my Esty school progress and stuff!!