Sunday, September 1, 2013

What's a Primp Queen?

Sometimes I get this question...

In fact my friend, we will call her Amazing Vonny, asked me if she was a Primp Queen.

 I was like "Absolutely you are!" And then she goes "How do you know?"

 I said, "Well, for starters, I've never seen you leave to go anywhere without first reapplying your lipstick."

This made me think of asking you all, are you a Primp Queen, too? 

The term is not even mine.

My friend Jenny made it up in college when we lived together.

We shared a dorm room with one sink and one tiny mirror.

We used to get ready at the same time and we'd elbow each other out of the way to get a look in the mirror.

There was no fighting, we didn't even mention it to each other.

 We'd just say, "EXCUSE Me," and elbows went flying. And that's when

Jenny smiled and said "We are such Primp Queens!"

She not only coined the name, she was one long before we met.

I found this out in the 7th grade after PE class when Loralee Gauss almost made me cry for making fun of my underwear and my dry and crackly legs.

Jenny overheard this teasing and out of nowhere a bottle of Johnson and Johson Baby Lotion made it's way to my hands.

 "You can keep that," she said smiling. "Just put this on every day and also there's nothing wrong with your underwear."

 Just to give you a visual, we were all changing our clothes and Jenny not only was the most beautiful girl in the room, she had on a fantastic matching set of navy blue lace bra and panties.

What a lifesaver she was!

This was the beginning of a phenomenal friendship that's lasted for decades.

I remember making a solomn vow, while sucking the tears back into my eyeballs to always have the most beautiful, silky, gorgeous panties on the planet and also to never be mean like Loralee Gauss.

A Primp Queen is more than just a love of beauty products.

It's a philosophy and an attitude.

And it has nothing to do with being a mean girl or judging others on their looks or choice of products.

It's about having fun with fashion and products and sharing the love of all things beautiful.

It's not just about beauty, either. Sometimes it's knowledge of survival strategies.

If, say, you get a surprise of "that time of the month" and you only have enough cash on you for tampons or chocolate.

You buy the chocolate and see which of your friends are packing and can spare a tampon out of their Freshness Pack.

Then once you can, you make up your own Freshness Pack, which is a very beautiful cosmetic bag that you pack with "Lady Emergency Freshness Essentials."

I worked in an office for many years with 99% women.

They all teased me about my Freshness Pack until they needed an Advil, tampons in various sizes, a mini pad or cleansing wipe. 

Another good "Tell" of a Primp Queen...This one again comes from Jenny. She texted this to me "I just spent $20 on an eye shadow that's the exact same color as my eye lids."

And then she texted me again right after, "I'm so excited!"

So, that's the short version of what makes a Primp Queen a Primp Queen.

Go ahead and leave a comment letting me and the rest of the world know if you are a Primp Queen and what makes you so. I hope you have an enjoyable day of freshness and beauty. :)

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