Monday, August 19, 2013

Almost Failed Typing Class

I haven't been able to blog on my laptop for several postings and I never thought I'd say this, but I miss typing with all 10 fingers!

That's why my postings have been short and sweet. All were typed with my thumbs on my phone!

Anyway, this brings me back to freshman year in highschool.

Parent-Teacher conferences were taking place. My Mom showed up and had the following interaction with Mrs. Eichman, my typing teacher.

This blog is sure to make me look very old, as some of you are like "Typing Class?"

Yes, we actually had to take a class to teach us how to type.

"How's this ever going to help me in life?" We all thought and some of us said out loud.

Mrs. Eichman hated me for the following reasons:

I goofed off in her class and didn't take it seriously.

It wasn't all my fault though. My best friend Jenny was also in my class and we found it impossible to get through without giggling and passing notes.

Anyway, at Parent-Teacher conference, my Mom say's to Mrs. Eichman, "What do you mean she's getting a "D" in typing?"

And Mrs. Eichman say's "She doesn't take the class seriously and she is always making jokes, often at my expense."

Then my Mom goes "Only an IDIOT get's a "D" in typing."

I just sat there watching this "tennis match" of a conference.

Mrs. Eichman then said "Well, that's the grade she earned and that's the grade she's given."

Then, right when I thought Mrs. Eichman had won, my mother leans in and say's in a very low tone "I think we both know what needs to happen why don't you take your little eraser on your little pencil and change that "D" to a "C."

Mrs. Eichman kept her eyes locked on my mother's eyes and angrily changed the grade!!

"Thanks, Mom..." I started to say.

"Be quiet," My mom said without taking her eyes off of Mrs. Eichman.

Looking back I actually feel kind of sorry for Mrs. Eichman for having to put up with me.

One day, Jenny and I were in typing class and we were quietly talking across the room.

We have a gift for reading each other's lips, which came in handy.

"I don't feel good," I mouthed to her.

Jenny goes "Neither do I..."

And I said "Really, you don't? Because I seriously think I need to go to the nurse."

And Jenny said "Seriously, I think I do, too."

What were the chances?

Right as we both decided that we were simply too ill to go on with Typing Class, we both got up at the same time and appeared at Mrs. Eichman's desk.

"We're both sick," I said, unapologetically.

"GO SIT DOWN," Mrs. Eichman said with absolute venom in her voice.

This made Jenny and I laugh really hard, despite our illness.

"No, seriously, Mrs. Eichman, we both don't feel good today, and we both need to go to the nurse."

She looked at Jenny and said "You can go," and then glared at me and said "Take your seat NOW!"

I said "Mrs. Eichman, I assure you I am just as sick, if not sicker than Jenny."

She let me go, I think, just from sheer loss of will to control me.

I often wonder how Mrs. Eichman is doing these days....poor thing. But I will say she was right...typing is one handy skill!

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