Saturday, July 6, 2013

New York City Ballet Workout

Do you love workout dvd's like I do?

This is my favorite.

The New York City Ballet Workout.

You can get it from for under $20.

Here's why I love it:

You can do it in the privacy of your own home. You don't need any equipment. You get to lay down for many of the exercises :)

It's super easy yet effective. Great for your posture and core strength. Really good for toning legs and butt.

The movements are small, and while you're doing them, you'll be thinking, is this really doing anything?

Then, the next day you'll feel it!

Also, the exercises are broken up into segments, so if you want to just do stretching exercises, go for it.

Or if you want to focus on strenghthening, you can do that.

They encourage you to start out slowly and listen to your body.
It goes along with my philosophy that exercise should be fun and doesn't have to hurt. You don't have to kill yourself and risk injury.

Which goes hand in hand with my take on food. It should be healthy AND taste really good.

I also love that I memorized a few of the exercises and can do them in my hotel room when I have to travel for work. I stay at hotels that have a workout room and use the treadmill to run.

Then I like to go back to my room and do as many ballet exercises as I want.

If you get this dvd, make sure you get yourself a really great ballet outfit. You knew I was gonna say that. :)

Go to Dee's Dancewear, they have really cute, elegant and beautiful clothing that's not too expensive.

OH! And the introduction on the dvd is done by none other than the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker. For you Sex and the City Fans. :)

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