Sunday, July 21, 2013

Facial and a Massage Today

On my quest for wellness, I've decided to get a facial and a massage every month.

I highly recommend it!

Today my facial went like this:

She did microdermabrasion first, then serious extractions, then a large dose of an acid peel consisting of a blend of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids.

OUCH!! It really hurt but it was so worth it because my skin looks and feels amazing.

Right after my facial, I had a 2 hour massage.

Deep tissue. Basically I got beat up for 2 hours and again, I feel amazing!

It was perfect timing because I had a fender bender on Friday - not my fault.

A 16 year old girl backed her car into me. I didn't even have time to hit the breaks. I have a bruise on my right arm from the steering wheel and my neck was messed up.

Even though it was her fault, I felt a little bit sorry for her because I knew her mom was gonna be mad since she had the exact same accident a week ago.

She knew the whole drill, asking me for my insurance, etc. and I couldn't help myself. I said to her "Sounds like this happens to you quite a bit."

And she goes "Ya, it just happened last week."

Anyway, I am totally fine, and now that I had a deep tissue massage focusing on my neck, I feel even better.

Monthly facials and massages are fantastic and amazing. I think you should go make some appointments for yourself.


  1. Monthly facials and massages sound devine! Quick question, how often is the most beneficial for a facial? Can you go too often? Not that I am in danger of that unfortunately.

    1. Hi Stephy! Yes once a month is usually good. Yes you can overdo stick with monthly. However for those with acne, every 2 weeks is ideal. For hyperpigmentation I recommend every 3 weeks.