Friday, May 22, 2015

Food today....sorry no pics

Chocolate garden smoothie with banana, lots of greens, cacao, stevia, coconut oil, chocolate almond milk.

Amy's organic lentil soup
Ezekiel bread toasted with vegan butter

More garden smoothie
Veggie corn dogs with mustard and jalapeƱos chopped up

Ezekiel toast with vegenaise and vegan cheese

Not the healthiest day but no animals died so I could live today!

I have been stressed out lately and that is all changing because I've changed back to my vegan ways and it makes me so happy. Food affects me.
I look back at my postings from 2013 and see how joyful I was.
Hmmmmmm, vegan food for thought.
Good night lovelies. Let's all be good to ourselves, shall we?

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